Boutique Scents Update and Quick Sniff Report

I put the four Boutique scents back up in bottle sizes, but I’m holding off a bit longer on the Exclusives. I sent out a few testers for Reves2 and the untitled new scent. I’m hoping they are very close now. I’ll try to stick to the dream theme on Reves2 for a new name, and I’m trying to find a good theme picture for its webpage (hard!).

Just when I thought 2010 was going to be lacking in new releases that wowed me, a couple of samples arrived that are quite special. The new Van Clef and Arpels Midnight in Paris edp is delicious and is my favorite new release of 2010 so far, though I only try a small fraction of what comes out. Warm ambery notes, smooth leather, light smoky notes, fruity notes, and wonderful woodsy basenotes — gourmand but not over the top sweet. I need to wear it again but it’s great on my first try. People compare it to Black, but I didn’t get the weird rubber note that prevents me from loving Black (though I know that’s what makes some people love Black even more!). It brought Dior Homme more to mind, though this has a stronger leather note and is darker to me, not the same at all but sort of a similar theme in a unisex gourmand woodsy scent.

I also tried FK Absolue Pour le Soir and it is lovely. Compared to Lumiere Noire, the skanky aspect comes out more to me and the rose is less prominent so I still love LN more, but Absolue Pour le Soir is beautifully done. A sample of Prada Benjoin took me by surprise with its woodsy, resinous, gourmand goodness. Yum. Not too sweet as I had feared. Another gourmand woodsy winner.

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    1. I think it’s worth sampling, though I’ve not priced full bottles and don’t know how high it is. I hardly ever buy a full bottle of anything so I just sniff samples without looking at price, lol. I think it comes both in edt and edp and I just tried edp.

  1. Thanks for the update and the reviews, Laurie.

    My daughter has been wearing Winter Woods, which I am thrilled about as it has replaced Pink Sugar as her daily scent. She loves it and has received numerous compliments from her high school friends. She just turned 18, so it is now legal for her to wear such a sensual perfume. ‘-)

    One of her friends said that her new perfume was “bangin”, which I have been informed is always a compliment. *giggles*

    Good luck with all your endeavors!

    Peace, Lisa W.

  2. Hello Laurie,
    I’m really excited to try the new LdR.
    I’ve decided that I want that one for my FB , along with VdV.
    I can’t wait till it’s ready!
    Thank you for creating such wonderful perfumes.<3

    Also am waiting on my decant of MiP edp and from the sound of things , it will be worth it. I just love fall scents.:)

  3. Hi Laurie,

    Can you give us any more hints about the other new fragrance you’re working on? I told everyone over at Makeupalley that I thought it was a spicy fall fragrance–did you tell us that or did I make it up?

    I can’t wait to test Reves2. What are the primary tweaks you’ve made so far?

    Have a great week!
    Ann C.

    1. hi Ann! I need to get a tester of both to you. The new untitled one is inspired by classic scents of the past and has notes of sandal, moss, jasmine sambac, rose, galbanum, amber, vanilla, tonka, peach, orris, spices, leather, musk. On my skin it dries down to a warm, long-lasting, lightly spiced, dusty/mossy sandalwood base with soft floral accents. I’m enjoying it and look forward to seeing what it does on others!

      The take-off from Reves has violet, rose, heliotrope, cedar, amber, frankincense, oakwood absolute, vetiver, tonka, orris, vanilla, musk, a tiny bit of sandalwood, soft oakmoss, subtle suede, and a hint of cocoa. The musk has been reduced and the base accord is more complex and evident. I’m worried about oompb though and am still testing.

      1. Hi Laurie – Just saw your reply to AnnC – is the oakmoss in the Reves a new addition? I hadn’t realized it up to now…
        Hope the wrists are back (or close) to 100%!

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