Another Update

I’m still testing various tweaks of the ylang/tuberose/jasmine and want to narrow this down to one or two mods. It’s always hard at this stage to choose the final adjustments to the formula, but I’m almost there.

Yesterday we had our first day of real rain for this winter. We really need it here in California. The nearby peaks even had a dusting of snow.

I wanted to say thank you to Ayala for her lovely review of Champagne de Bois and for including it in her list of 2014 mid-winter favorites. That means a lot to me because I love so many of her creations.

Quick sniffs: I tried my sample of Christopher Street and enjoyed it! I think you’d need to appreciate patchouli to like it because the patchouli note is evident all the way though. The leather note was also prominent for me, which I liked, and the scent never got too sweet. The lasting power was almost annoyingly long on me (I need to test scents so I want things to be gone by the next day, but it lingered into the second day even after washing). I enjoyed it a lot though, and most people would find the lasting power to be an advantage.

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  1. Oh, I cannot wait to see how your ylang/tuberose/jasmine turns out, as I’m a fan of all three notes!

    I’m thinking I need to check out that sample of Christopher Street I have, as well as that piece in Australian Perfume Junkies…

    1. Lizzy, Christopher Street is worth checking out! I know how those samples can pile up in the “to try” stack! 🙂

      The tuberose in this is all natural — just a really nice absolute. It’s very different than typical synthetic tuberose accords, and some people like it even though they don’t like the synthetic version (I like both, actually). This one is deep and spicy to me. Ylang’s opening can be hard to work with, but I love the drydown.

  2. It’s so good to know you’re finishing up on the new floral! I’m looking forward to sniffing the final result.

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