Amouage Ubar

Wow, I’m testing a sample of the newly released Ubar and this is quite a fragrance. I love the strong and lasting rose heart note in it, grounded by a base that offers soft woods, ambery warmth, animalic depth, and creamy lactonic notes with a smidge of vanilla. I even like the prominent lily of the valley note, which often can put me off. The aldehydes add sophistication, as do the high quality ingredients. There’s some jasmine it it too, but the rose is more dominant. It’s a classical, elegant, very floral scent that some will find too strong, but it’s beautiful if you apply it carefully and enjoy this type of fragrance. Thank you to a sweet swapper for the sample.

I don’t have time to blend right now but am trying to test sniff a new scent now and then while I’m doing other things. This one caught my attention.

I forgot to say yesterday that while my cart is down you can still get samples of quite a few Sonoma Scent Studio scents from The Perfumed Court and at The Posh Peasant (they have slightly different selections).

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  1. Hi Laurie,
    Ubar is indeed a beautiful fragance that harkens back to the era of the great “classic and elegant” florals, and I cherish every drop that is in my little sample decant. It’s just too expensive for me to buy in any significant quantity, though… But I’ll keep on dreaming!

  2. Hi AnnYM! Yes, I think many people feel the same way, especially in today’s economy. Luckily this one is strong enough so that a sample vial gives quite a few enjoyable wearings.

    Happy news to report today that my Mom is finally improving. I hope this trend continues! Must be all those good vibes people sent — thanks again. 🙂

    And I’ve had some emails from people who want to sample Egyptian Musk, which isn’t at TPC or PP right now, so I’ll try to help people out w/ that if they email me. I should send some EM to TPC too…

    1. That would be a good idea – about EM. No doubt people are looking for lighter scents for the summer. I was thinking of going there to pick up some intermediate supplies from your line.
      NJ is going through the mildest summer season I can remember – more like late August or early September (or California weather for that matter) with its warm days and cool nights – whoever heard of 50’s or 60’s as overnite temp in July? LoL – mind you, nobody is complaining. We’re saving a lot on electricity.
      So glad your mom’s outlook is a good one!!!

  3. We almost always get into 50s or 60s at night in summer even though we warm up in day. Having a heat wave in 100s this week! Very hot today, and when this hot we don’t cool down like normal at night.

    Will try to post this evening.

  4. That was a quickie cryptic post as I was heading away from the computer for a few hours — hope that made sense, lol. We normally have warm days and cool nights but this week we have very hot days and warm nights! Sounds like lots of places have had a cool start to summer this year though.

    Yes, Egyptian Musk is popular in summer. Let me know if you need anything! 🙂

    1. Hi Laurie,
      Not overly cryptic. I was a frequent visitor to the Bay Area (from S.Napa&Sonoma to Carmel to the Nevada border) for about 15 yrs (before wedding… and baby) so am very familiar with weather between late May and September. I always hated having to return to NJ! Am just counting the days till Ian is old enough to enjoy what Cal has to offer and I’ll be heading west again!
      You’re sweet to offer – but I can wait till you’re “fully functional” again, then maybe can send along with testers.

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