A new vetiver to love, and more scent work

I’m trying Andy Tauer’s new Vetiver Dance this afternoon and am enjoying it; the lily of the valley comes out prominently on me the first few hours and makes this a very different vetiver scent than any other I’ve tried, much more floral but still unisex. I like the green notes in here too, and it wears well in warm weather. As it dries I’m starting to get more of the sweet tonka/coumarin in the base, as well the ambergis and some cedar, earthy notes, and soft animalic notes. I’ll need to see how that base plays out as the hours go by and see how much the sweet tonka emerges. I’ve had it on about 3 hours so far and have enjoyed it. Lily of the valley often does not work for me because I’m not fond of two ingredients that frequently make up the bulk of its accord (Lilial and Lyral, at least when they are very evident in the final blend), but this lotv does not venture into that laundry accord I dislike; it’s quite nice. I like the progression and intermingling of various stages as the scent changes with time. This is original and nicely done, definitely worth checking out if you like vetiver!

I made one more adjustment to Ambre today, reducing the sweetness a tad. It starts out as a very dark and woodsy amber, and then as it goes along the frankincense emerges more. I added a little hint of castoreum several days ago that has made it richer and darker, and it enhances the very soft leather note already present in it. So, this is #11 and I’ll test again in a few days. Gardenia Musk may be done, but I’ll keep testing it too.

I’m keeping up with orders and trying to catch up on some paperwork. My brother and his family will be visiting this weekend and I’d like to spend a little time with them.

I’ve been hearing about the two new Lutens scents coming out soon and am looking forward to trying them! You’ve probably caught this blog review already, but if not this may tempt you:




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