A new green floral discovery, and the drawing closes tonight

I’ve not had much time for working on scents the last few days, but I did sneak a quick try of Patricia de Nicolai’s Temps d’Une Fete.  I’ve mentioned that I have trouble finding green florals I like, and here’s one that worked for me, at least on first sampling.  It’s a very pretty floral with hyacinth and narcissus notes, along with green grass, moss, and hay notes, and a soft base with some sandalwood.  Luckily for me the hyacinth is not too strong but the narcissus is lovely in the heart, and the green notes make it feel spring-like.  It feels classical and unlike the modern green florals that often don’t do much for me.   I’ll need to try this one again when I have time.

I’m working to get orders out and to get Ambre Noir, Champagne de Bois, and Sienna Musk back on the scent list. 

I’ll close the sample drawing at 5 pm CA time and will do the draw in the evening and post the winners Friday morning.  I’ll ask for addresses Friday and will mail out over the weekend.

We had airplanes and helicopters over our house for 30 minutes this evening because of a small fire very close to us.  We could see and smell the smoke and watched the planes work until they got it under control from the ground.  It’s amazing how fast they catch these flare-ups and put them out, thankfully.  This one was small but very close and the planes were seriously close to the ground.

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  1. I like green florals for the most part. For a while I used to love vetiver but I think it’s been overused in many scents these days. I’ve tired of it.
    Neil Morris has a scent named “Spectral Violet.” It is a mossy violet – a very dark green floral.

    I hope the fire is out soon. The landscape is already too dry, almost like August rather than late May. I dread the current fire season.

  2. I’m appreciating vetiver more and more, but you can tire of any note if you overdo it. I’ve not tried any of the NM yet but will have to try that; I love oakmoss and like it much more than many of the synthetic green notes that are used a lot. Thanks for the rec.

    Yes, this fire season is going to be scary. It’s way too soon for this to be starting. That fire yesterday was put out very quickly but was way too close for comfort, being right next door.

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