2016 Taste TV Artisan Fragrance Awards

TasteTV_awards_bottle_smFor several years, Taste TV has sponsored an annual awards program for artisan perfumers. I have not entered before, but I submitted three entries for 2016 (you are allowed to enter 1 to 3 entries each year, and they can be any scent that you have not entered before). Entries were due before the new Equestrian was ready, so I entered Yin & Ylang, Amber Incense, and Winter Woods.

Winter Woods received top score in all five of their categories (artistry, aroma, scent seductiveness, ingredient combinations, and uniqueness). Yin & Ylang (a collaboration with Cafleurebon) received top score in three categories. All three entries (Winter Woods, Yin & Ylang,  Amber Incense) received Silver Medals in the Judges Top Selections. The full page of results can be seen here. Congrats to all the perfumers and thank you to Taste TV and the judges for all their work on the awards program!

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  1. Congratulations! What did you think about doing competitions overall? I’m thinking that I might want to try to enter a piece or two, but have been a little unsure

  2. Thanks! By a piece or two, sounds like maybe you are considering entering an art competition? I think each contest has it’s own characteristics. They can be fun, if you keep things in perspective. Ultimately what matters as an artist is that you like what you do and are meeting your goals, but it’s very nice to get some recognition too. What do you create?

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