Where to buy Kazanlik Rose Bushes

Last year I mentioned the Russian River Rose Company’s beautiful spring bloom of Kazanlik roses (the rose grown in Bulgaria for perfume oil).

If you’d like to try growing one of these perfume roses yourself, you can order bare root shrubs at Richter’s. Before deciding if this bush is right for you, realize it will only bloom once each year, and the roses are not long lasting when cut (a day or two in a vase), but they have an amazing fragrance and bloom profusely for about a month.  Richters also has the white Rosa Alba that is used in perfume.  They have a minimum order of three rose plants and will ship to the US.

Have fun browsing!

Update: as of April 2008 Richters is not selling Kazalik anymore.  They were having too many crop failures in their cold Canadian climate.

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