The next day…

I resisted cutting that rose yesterday since I had plenty others to cut for the house, and today I took another snapshot after it had unfurled for another day. This time the light was softer and better for pictures (in the early evening instead of noon). Morning is my favorite time for flower photos but evening works too. The focus isn’t quite as sharp but it shows how nicely Elle unfolds. It’s a really beautiful rose and the fragrance is amazing too.

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    1. Hi Ann, thanks! The garden has some “holes” right now where I’ve replaced things that had gotten old and woody (some lavender and penstemon) and where a few things died in our wet winter (some hosta), but I think it’ll be nice this summer when the new things grow and fill in those spots. In the meantime there are lots of pretty things, just not all connected and flowing yet. I’ll post some more pics this Saturday. The garden is just the immediate area around my cottage and is enclosed by a deer fence or else it’d be eaten regularly, lol.

  1. Hi Laurie,
    The 2 rose photos are just beautiful. 2 of my older David Austins: Heritage and Benjamin Britten are loaded with buds and I’m sure that in another week they will begin their show. The 6 I purchased this spring are all in the ground and looking happy. I can’t wait to see and smell Souvenir de la Malmaison.
    I’m really excited about BB – are you getting close?

    1. Hi Ann,

      Six new roses, that’s exciting! That’ll keep you in bouquets for the summer! I’ve not seen Benjamin Britten or Souvenir de la Malmaison, but I’ve seen photos of SdlM and it looks beautiful. Have fun with those!

      I’ve stopped trying to predict BB because every time I think I’m close, I put it down for a few days and when I pick it up I’m not as close as I thought. I made some changes yesterday that helped a lot. I had tried removing some OB notes and increasing sandal, but I didn’t end up liking that so I’m going back to less sandal but more amber/cedar/vetiver in the base, along with light sandal and musk. I increased vetiver and so far really like that. I got a new vetiver from Sri Lanka that seems especially nice with floral notes. It’s gentler than the vetiver from Haiti that I have, and it’s not as earthy as the vetiver codistilled with mitti. I have two tuberose absolutes and am seeing which seems better. No time to work on it today because of orders but should be able to do another mod tomorrow.

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