Sunny Weekend Update

We finally have beautiful weather here (though more rain is due to start Tuesday), so I want to take advantage of the sunshine and go to a nearby nursery to get plants to replace some that died last winter. I didn’t have a chance to plant anything in the garden last spring or summer other than in pots by the front door, so I have some blank spots to fill in the garden.

Most of the hostas seem to have disappeared over the winter; they just didn’t come up this spring and I’m not sure what happened. Snails love them, but I usually see the new leaves and can ring them with some diatomaceous earth before they are eaten. At least the heuchera and geranium Biokovo are thriving and blooming in the shade area. In the sun area some of the lavender and penstomen need to be replaced. It’ll be nice to take an afternoon off and get out on such a nice day.

I’m still determining whether this press is going to work for the new bottles or whether I need to order a different machine. I’m also still deciding on the final label design; I have a couple possible options and several types of gold foil to choose between.

I’m trying a little more of an amber note in BB and liking it as a softener for the sandalwood base, and I’m trying a bit more tonka as well. I’m narrowing my choices down and zeroing in on something.

I’m sending packages out to the UK again now that planes have resumed flying there, and I’m hoping the transit time won’t be too much longer than normal.

I still plan to do 2 ml sample sprays, but I’m waiting for some samples of glass spray vials and I think they’ve been caught in the flight delays because they are taking a long time to get here. As soon as I get the samples to test, I can decide if these are what I want to use. They look great, but I never know until I try them out. Anyway, I do plan to add the 2 ml spray option, but it will be a bit longer while I source the spray vials. Hope those samples get here soon!

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  1. I had a great trip to the nursery! Picked up some things that should help fill in the gaps.

    When I got back, I had a notice from usps that I missed a signature delivery. I bet that was the sample spray vials I’ve been waiting for! You would know they’d finally arrive the one day I go out for a few hours. It’s good they made it though, and I should get them Monday since I’ll be here to sign for them. I’ll update after I test them.

  2. Laurie–

    You have no idea how nice it is on Saturday nights, just before I go to bed, I get to read your Weekend Update! I really enjoy it.

    So, thanks!


    PS: Maybe I lead a dull life, but you take your pleasures whenever and wherever you can……I’m OK with it!

    1. Hi Jo! We all need to take the little pleasures where they come, lol. I really enjoy keeping in touch with people I’ve met via the blog.

      One thing I got today was a tree peony to try. I’ve never grown a peony before because it’s not cold enough for most peonies here. Apparently a few herbaceous varieties will do ok here and most tree peonies will bloom here. It’ll be an experiment. I picked up some foxglove too (love those even though they are not scented).

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