Sunday in the garden with roses and deer

One more set of spring garden photos. 🙂 I posted a picture of Climbing Pinkie rose last year, but here she is again this spring in the photo above. The bloom should get heavier later this week with warm weather predicted.

While I was outside yesterday, a deer was munching on grass around the foundation of the main house. She was about 40 feet away from me, but I took a few pictures with zoom (not as crisp as I’d like). She put her head up to look at me periodically but wasn’t too concerned that I was watching and clicking pictures. Those big ears are adorable.



I also took a few quick pics in the garden. Here are fresh green ostrich fern fronds that emerge each spring in the back planter box under the shade of the oaks. I love the extra bright green at their tips. These are behind the deer fence or else they would likely be eaten.

fern sm

And here is a rare old rose, Gruss an Coburg, with the most delicious fragrance. It has a pretty peachy color and an unusual flower form. The bush itself gets a bit lanky and is better grown as a climber, but it repeats bloom all summer and has an incredible scent. It’s not a long-lasting cut flower (I get a day or two from them).

Gruss_an_Coburg sm

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