I should have worked on Gardenia Musk today but got sidetracked on a new project. I made some exciting progress though and will return to Gardenia tomorrow with a fresher nose. When I left off the day before yesterday Gardenia seemed improved and ready for testing.

I usually plant daffodils long before this but just didn’t have time this year. We finally put a few in pots yesterday and I hope they do ok. The paperwhites that live in the ground from year to year are already poking up; they usually bloom just before Christmas. It’s mild enough here that they can grow outside and stay in the ground, multiplying from one year to the next. I have some daffodils that stay in the ground too, but they don’t seem as fast to multiply as the paperwhites.

The crape myrtle has bright fall leaf color now; it’s always the last to turn color and drop leaves. The poor Japanese maples fried a bit in heat waves this summer so they didn’t turn color this year, just dropped leaves as if to say they finally gave up for the season.

Sure looks and feels like November. Time to think about the holidays and I’m not ready, lol.

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