Rose Events in Healdsburg

Kazanlik perfume roses

I’ll be doing a May Flowers post for the group blogging project, but my assigned day isn’t until May 22 so I wanted to give a heads up for this May flowers event in Healdsburg: an open house on Mother’s Day at the nearby Russian River Roses nursery. I’ve mentioned this before on the blog. They have a large field of perfume roses that bloom in May and into early June. You can visit to help harvest flowers and see the distillation process if you sign up for a tour, or you can wander the property on your own during an open house day. Mother’s Day there is busy but fun. If you’re in the area you might enjoy stopping by, and you can also buy roses from the nursery. If you’re in the area another fun rose nursery is Garden Valley Ranch in Petaluma, and one of the best all-round nurseries anywhere is Cottage Gardens in Petaluma.

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  1. Laurie–

    am so envious that you get to play with roses!!!! At one time, I had 40 (forty) rose bushes that I got to play with all day every day. Alas, however, I had to give them up. The increasing heat gradually and finally did me and the roses in…..

    I have not been able to have a garden for four years now–that was my last one. I also grew all kinds of flowers, all BLOOMING flowers. To me, they almost meant nothing unless I could cut them and put them in a vase….barbaric, I know, but that was how I liked it and that was how I did it….They had to smell good or look outstanding, like a huge zinnia or dahlia or poppy or rose. I grew pretty herbs to add to my bouquets and perfume my sidewalk.

    I guess I really must miss my garden, you know? Judging from this email I am writing, I should be out there digging…….

    Oh well…….


  2. And, I forgot to say, I think that I remember buying from Russian River Roses way back when, so I feel close to your valley……

    Have fun!


  3. Hi Jo,

    I won’t be going to their open house this year, but I just thought I’d mention it in case anyone wanted to see the field of perfume roses in bloom. It’s fun to see if you’re in the area. They really do have a fabulous scent. Gardeners have quite a few great nurseries to visit in this area.

    I love growing things that bloom too, and it’s fun to have flowers all year. We can get away with that here with our relatively mild winters. I can’t put as much effort into the roses as I’d like so they have to be able to fend for themselves with just some regular feeding and once a year pruning. It’s fun though.

    Hope you can scale down and still have a couple fun blooming items in your garden! Maybe there’s some middle ground between 40 roses and nothing, lol! 🙂 Like you say, some herbs and annuals in pots can be fun too and less maintenance.

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