More garden photos…

I took a few more garden pictures today. The photo above looks up the hill to the deer fence with several roses on it. Some oak trees are in the background, and you can see a bit of the plum tree on the left. The turkey is some garden art given to me as a gift (two metal wild turkeys that look like the real ones that live around here). The upper bed has a lot of weeds that need plucking; it’s time to call one of my garden helpers for a visit.

Here’s an old rose called Jacques Cartier. It has a wonderful soft fragrance and makes a nice cut flower.

IMG_0216 edited sm

And just a single rose in a pretty stage of opening.

IMG_0224 rose edited smc

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  1. Wow, Laurie…perfumer extraordinaire and fantastic photographer as well! As Jordan stated I can practically smell that gorgeous rose!

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