Happy Easter/Passover!

Happy Easter and Passover to those who celebrate! Hope you are enjoying signs of spring in your area and hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Easter alstromeria

The last patch of daffodils finished blooming a few weeks ago (photo above). I love all the fresh spring green this time of year. The hills are covered with green grass and the trees are sporting new bright green leaves. The grass will turn brown soon because our rainy season is almost over until fall, so all this green is a fleeting treat. We have to mow all the grass on the property for fire safety each spring (we’re not allowed to leave dry grasses standing).

Photo from my side deck April 2019
Japanese maple in spring green

The days are getting longer and warmer, and the spring grass has encouraged several deer families to visit regularly to graze. Yesterday we saw a brand new fawn that was so tiny he looked like a puppy. He was hopping along behind Mom through grass that was taller than he was, holding his tail straight up. So cute (wish I could get a picture!). Love the spots on the new babies.

I received two anthurium plants for the holidays, and they still seem to be very happy. They are putting out lots of new blooms and have grown enough that I think I should repot them soon. Also received a little Kalanchoe for the kitchen window sill and it seems happy so far.

Anthurium (left) and Kalanchoe (right)

We just planted our tomato, squash, and strawberry starts (mine go in containers on the porch where they are easy to reach). Still need to plant lettuce.

I am working on something that is keeping me too busy to do much blog writing right now, but I hope to have some good news to share about that soon. Meantime, I’ll keep checking in with photo posts and little updates. Happy holiday weekend!

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  1. Laurie,
    The new format of the blog is beautiful! I am going to enjoy perusing it!
    Hope all is well ! xoxo

    1. Thanks, Brigitte!! I will be posting more soon. I’ve been busy working on the sale of SSS. It will have new ownership probably by the end of the week. I’ll be posting more about it. Hope all is well w/ you too!

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