Container Zucchini & Tomatoes

We’re trying a new zucchini seed this year developed especially for container growing, and the plants are great — giant decorative foliage with abundant zucchini tucked into the center of the bush. The variety is called Astia and is sold by Renee’s Garden seeds. If you need to grow your veggies in pots, this is a nice way to do zucchini.

I’m also getting lots of tomatoes and am trying an experiment this year to freeze the excess crop. I’m blanching them and freezing in glass jars to use next winter.

We’re having a heat wave right now with temps well over 100 degrees (it peaked at 108 today), and the plants are looking droopy. People are looking droopy too, lol.

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  1. I really dislike when it’s that hot. Only extreme cold (we never have it like that here) is worse.

    Tomatoes look great! (I love local tomatoes!)

    Stay cool this weekend!

    1. Home grown tomatoes are the best! This type of heat wave is too warm even for heat-loving me. The poor plants are swooning in the afternoon and we’re trying to keep some water on them to revive them. It’s supposed to gradually cool this week though.

  2. One of my zucchini plants has turned out to not be a zucchini. I’m not sure what kind of squash it is but it’s not a bush variety and has jumped the fence already. No tomatoes yet. I’m waiting patiently…
    Stay cool.

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